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UT-UH Comparative Thought Summer Seminar

Update: I got the dates wrong! Thanks to Wakako Godo for the correction.

The University of Tokyo Center for Philosophy blog has begun issuing reports (Japanese only at this time) about their collaboration with the University of Hawaii this summer (2012). The dates have still not been officially announced, but I have been told by email that the UT-UH Comparative Thought Summer Seminar for 2013 will run from August 5 to August 23 and take place in Tokyo with a field trip to Dogen’s Eihei temple on Lake Biwa. The seminar will focus on issues of comparative philosophy in global context. I participated in the Summer Seminar this year, and I highly recommend attending it if possible. If you are interested in participating, please contact Roger Ames or Masato Ishida at UH for more information.