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Kyoto School Archive Launched

Via the Japan Times, here’s a new resource that might be of use to scholars interested in doing in-depth work on Japanese philosophy: the Kyoto School Archive. From the Japan Time’s description:

Researchers at Kyoto University have created an online archive on prominent Japanese philosophers, including Kitaro Nishida, that allows users to see their handwritten manuscripts through thousands of digital images.

The Kyoto School Archive offers 20 items kept by the Kyoto University school of letters library, including handwritten manuscripts of a dissertation by Nishida (1870-1945), known for works such as “Zen no Kenkyu” (“An Inquiry into the Good”), through some 3,200 downloadable images.

Even if you’re not interested in doing primary research into the original documents, it’s interesting to get a peek at the handwriting of scholars like Nishida and Tanabe.

Bonus Link: If you want to learn about Nishida’s philosophy, but you’re too lazy to read the Wikipedia article on him, someone has made a video of a strange robot reading the Wikipedia article and posted it on YouTube. Enjoy!