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The Voice of Nothingness

I received a note from Matteo Collodel about a project to try to fund a documentary film about the Kyoto School:


We would like to bring to your attention our independent documentary film project to be filmed in Japan (with English subtitles):

The Voice of Nothingness: Zen Buddhism and the Philosophy of the Kyoto School

Please view the project presentation including a 3 min. video on the following funding platform:

Although the Kyoto School is little known outside scholarly circles, with the help of your contribution we hope not only that this film could become an inspiring example for filmmaking about philosophy, but that it could also make the Kyoto School known to a larger audience.

Any contribution will help to reach the target budget to realize this project and the supporter will be thanked by receiving a secure private link to download the completed film in High Definition. We would be grateful if you could support this project by circulating this message too.

Thank you for your consideration and best wishes from Berlin, Germany.

Thomas Josef Roth
DokHausBerlin Filmproduktion

Here is the promotional trailer they have created so far:

Educators take note: the final film will be about 40 minutes long, which is perfect for showing in class.

If you are interested in this project, please visit their website and help fund it before Sun 14 Apr 11:59PM PT.