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Conference: Inoue Enryo and Intercultural Philosophy

Going to be in Iowa in two weeks? Like Japanese philosophy? Here’s the conference for you!

The International Association for Inoue Enryo Research organizes a two day workshop about

“Inoue Enryo and Intercultural Philosophy”

on May 24 / 25, hosted by Luther College in Decorah, IA, USA.

Conference languages will be English and Japanese. Everybody interested is welcome. For registration, please email to:


Friday, May 24, 2pm - 5pm:
Interdisciplinary Discussion Forum in English about the Project of Intercultural Philosophy.

Saturday, May 25, 9am - 7 pm:
Workshop about “The Philosophy of Inoue Enryo” in English and Japanese.

Presentations will be:

三浦節夫 [Setsuō Miura]:
“Inoue Enryō’s Mystery Studies”

Gereon Kopf:
“The Ghost in the Gate of Philosophical Reason”

Rainer Schulzer:
“Comparative Ethics of Conscience in the Early Inoue Enryō”

Agustín Jacinto Zavala:
“Re-educating the Nation: A Sketch of the Educational Ideals in Inoue Enryō and Nishida Kitarô”

遊佐道子 [Michiko Yusa]:
“Philosophy, The Philosophy Society, The Philosophy Academy – Inoue Enryō’s Contribution to Modernizing Japanese Mentality from Within”
「哲学・哲学会・哲学館 ― 日本の精神的近代化への井上円了の貢献」

Leah Kalmanson:
“The Temple of the Absolute: Inoue and the Ethics of Practicing the Impracticable”
「哲学堂公園 ― 井上円了における実践不可能なものを実践する倫理」

Scott Hurley:
“Tathāgatagarbha: doctrine or philosophy – a conversation between Yinshun and Inoue”
「佛性は教義か哲学か ― 印順法師と井上円了との対話」

For any further question, please email to Rainer Schulzer at: